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We understand the need for Social WiFi / Hotspot systems to look for monetization strategies, and thru that we created iNNO Ad Network. We didn’t only solve the WiFi hotspot problems but we were also able to create a win-win scenario for advertisers thru a smarter way of marketing that is targeted, social, local and mobile! We believe we can deliver value and ROI to our partners and advertisers thru iNNO.

Advertising Consumers spend a combined average of 305 minutes per day on their mobile, tablet and desktop devices, therefore being the first brand to reach them as soon as they’re online is key. With WiFi advertising we’re able to position your brand first, so that consumers see it ahead of all other display channels across social media, press or whilst browsing


Smart Targeting

Target specific segments such as Location, Age and Gender! Serve a full page advertisement that gives your business more focus and attention! It allow your users to have a targeted WiFi experience, as you generate revenues and collect their data for your marketing campaigns.

Local Mobile Ads

Reach People in Local Establishments on their Mobile thru WiFi! We can integrate with your Social WiFi or Hotspot systems! It allows you to connect and understand your Customers, Target and Remarket, Give Rewards and Discounts, all this via WiFi!

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